Tea Thoughts
"You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and that's kind of the same thing."

"Tea for extraordinary people" may sound very boastful but these are the exact words that define “Cha-Walah” to the ‘t’.  We hope to bring the richer side of tea to Bangladesh. There are many different types of tea around the world, apart from the classic black tea, and we want the tea connoisseurs of Bangladesh to have easy access to these teas.  While most people know that tea tastes great, many don’t know that tea has multiple health benefits in it. The variety of flavors, textures and tastes that can be found in tea are things that we hope to introduce to Bangladesh.

There is a beautiful connection between happiness- the most elusive yet sought after mental state and having a cup of the finest tea. A simple cup of tea can bring its drinker immense happiness. We believe tea and happiness are intertwined on several fronts. Happiness is caged in as we are exposed to only black tea.

Our endeavor is to introduce hundreds of varieties of tea and create the actual feeling of happiness in our fellow tea lovers. We seek to bring the love of a variety rather than one central type of tea. Initially this might be difficult considering the fact that the subcontinent has been drinking Black tea for centuries now; but we know that once our fellow citizens get a taste of the variety that exists, Black tea will be just one tea amidst their collection of tea.