Scented Tea

Scented teas have delighted tea drinkers since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a time when flowers and fruits dominated both tea and tea cup. Jasmine, rose, osmanthus, lychee are some of the most well known and traditional types and may use white, gree...

Scented teas have delighted tea drinkers since the...

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Milk oolong tea has an intense, creamy taste with a floral undertone. A one-of-a-kind tea from Taiwan with a fantastically creamy flavor resulting from its unique roasting process. Learn more
1 gm per 100 ml
Jasmine Silver Needles is a type of jasmine-flavored white tea. Produced in Panxi, Fuding and Fujian, it’s picked from the pekoe (Da Bai Hao) tea tree. It is made through silver needle pekoe perfumed with jasmine. Renowned for its health benefits such as helping reduce the risk of heart attacks, some cancers and reducing the effects of aging, Jasmine Silver Needles is perfect for the one who focuses on their health. Learn more
1 gm per 50 ml
Reserved for the imperial families since the Song Dynasty in 960 AD. All the appeal and flavor of green tea and enhanced by the aroma of jasmine flowers, Emporial Jasmine Green Tea has a subtly sweet taste and blooming fragrance. Light, soft, and perfumy with a delicate mouthfeel. Learn more
1 gm per 60 ml
Invigorating and deliciously sweet. Ginseng oolong tea has a taste similar to that of tie guan yin, but with the sweet  aroma of ginseng. A perfect cup for the tea drinker with a sweet tooth Learn more
1 gm per 30 ml
Hand-rolled jasmine tea made from the most tender tea leaves and best Fujian jasmines. Young green tea leaves are scented 3-4 times with a summery scent of fresh jasmine. When added to hot water, the pearls majestically unfold, filling the room with sweet jasmine scent and flavor.  Three leaves are hand rolled into pearls that slowly unfold the rich and sweet floral flavor. This tea is a perfect mixture of fragrance and sweetness. Learn more
1 gm per 60 ml