Blooming Tea

Blossoming flower teas are master pieces of art created by skilled tea masters. Dried tea leaves are wrapped around dried flowers and hand-sewed. All tea leaves and flowers are matched perfectly in taste and looks. Flowering teas expand and...

Blossoming flower teas are master pieces of a...

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Treat yourself on a Friday morning with a perfectly steeped teapot of Marigold Blossom. Its flowery honey-toned taste is a pacifier to your taste bud while the magical moments of its unfurling into sunrise-like flower is an eye-candy for you to behold.   Learn more
1 gm per 50 ml
Exclusively hand-sewn to enchant the senses. This impeccable combination of pure and all-organic Fujian green tea and equally stunning flowers of amaranth and marigold is a complete sensual indulgence with its soft smooth flavors, delicate and flowery scents, and a dramatic ensemble of shapes and colors. Learn more
1 gm per 100 ml
Green Tea with a wonderful "light" peach flavor beautifully frames a golden Chrysanthemum center with a string of Jasmine flowers. This bouquet will continue to produce tasty Green tea for a second and third infusion.  Learn more
1 gm per 50 ml
A hand-tied blooming tea from Fujian Province with a flowery fresh taste and a unique appearance. Made from delicate flowers and silver needle white tea leaves.  When this tea is brewed, the drinker will witness an amazing unfurling. Learn more
1 gm per 50 ml
Bai He Xian Zi is a beautiful artisan bouquet of green tea with a triple bloom effect of globe amaranth at the top, two jasmine flowers in the middle and a lily flower at the bottom. A delicate and refreshing tea. Learn more
1 gm per 50 ml