This rare yellow tea from Sichuan province has been a tribute tea for centuries. It is mostly made from tea buds picked during the early spring to create a nutritious tea with a lightly sweet mild flavor. Learn more
Honored as the king of Yellow teas and one of China's Ten Famous Teas. This tea originates from Jun Shan Island (also known as the Island of Immortals) of Lake Dong Ting in Hunan Province. Jun Shan Yin Zhen was an Imperial Tribute tea back in the ancient days, and is also purportedly Chairman's Mao favorite tea. Learn more
Huo Shan Huang Ya is a rare Yellow tea from Anhui Province in China. This tea was used as an Imperial tribute tea back in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The processing procedure was rediscovered in the 1970’s after being lost for some time and since then, Huo Shan Huang Ya has been sent as tribute to many great leaders of China every year. Learn more
Imperial families in China enjoyed Bai Hao Yin Zhen (White Hair Silver Needle) tea for centuries. Probably the most famous white tea in the world, Fuding Silver Needle is a white tea with a soft, smooth, and silky-sweet taste, thus making it perfect for a day off from the stresses of life. Learn more
These lovely pearls are made from white peony leaves that are hand-shaped. Each pearl is of the larger variety, weighing on average 3.5 to 4 grams. Once steeped, the cup reveals classic white peony notes of melon and cucumber, a little mineral flintiness and just a hint of honey. Perfect for on-the-road brewing and multiple steepings. Learn more
Pleasantly smooth, White Peony Premium is delicately crafted at the peak of the Tai Mu Mountain from the top bud and 2-3 leaves. Also the winner of the 2007 Gold Prize in Fujian Province's White Tea Contest, making it the #1 White Peony in the region. Learn more
A delicious introduction to Chinese white teas. Composed of two-leaf and bud sets, White Peony is renowned for its refreshing character and sweet taste. Learn more
The White Moon, also known as Yue Bai Guan, is an exceptional blend, as it has very soothing and aromatic properties, while offering an endless amount of health properties.  A delicious treat, White Moon tea is fresh and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Learn more
 A fresh mellow sweet taste, without astringency, compensated with some grassy flavor just like the sunny air taste in countryside after rainy days. This tea is made from finest one tender bud with top two or three leaves according to the strict “three-white“picking criterion which requires both buds and leaves are coated with white fuzz. Learn more
Not many people in China have heard of Zhu Ye Qing in the past but it’s now one of the most popular teas in the country due to TV advertisements and more so because of its exceptional quality. The advertisements appropriately carry the slogan "Ping Chang Xin" which means "Relaxing Heart" as the refreshing and soothing aroma of this tea is sure to relax your body and mind. This tea won the first prize in the 6th "China Tea Cup" Well-Known and High-Quality Tea Appraisal by China Tea Science Society in Jul 2005. The name Zhu Ye Qing was given by the Foreign Minister Chen Yi in 1964 when he first tasted this tea in the Temple of Ten Thousand Years in Mount Emei. It means "Green Bamboo Leaf", a tribute to the tea's clear liquor and full of life green tea leaves that seemingly dance in the water when infused. A tea not to be missed. Learn more